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Neat! What do they call this kind of fighting? I think I’ve seen it before. Isn’t it a modified version of what they call knockdown karate rules (kyokushin etc)?

Well, the Kyokishin style of fighting is called Kenka. I don’t know if the one shown above has a specific name, and it probably does, but I would simply call it kumite.

Many believe that karate is only a standing up fighting, punch and kick art, but in reality, karate has everything. From standing up, elbows and knees, to throws and grappling, to joint locks and bone breaking, from anywhere, whether you’re standing, sitting or even on the ground. It is only since it’s become more sport than art, with regulations and rules that’s become so simple with only punching, kicking and the occasional sweep. Very watered down, so to speak.

The fighting shown in the gifs above gives a little bit deeper look into what karate is when it comes to combat, than what we usually see, and there is so much more. So this happens, people will ask what it is.

The answer is Karate.

It is called Daido Juku, and it was an offshoot of Kyokushin Karate - the creator was designed rules for Kyokushin at the request of Oyama, unfortunately by the time he finished the ‘knockdown’ style had already become the main stream and so he received permission from Oyama to branch out. 

It is basically Karate + Judo.

Oh, more direct info! Thanks, destructive-regrets!

Great stuff!

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Ushiro mawashi geri for critique. shaped-by-karate, stepnsteph, kyokushinmarine

Pretty good overall technique, nice speed and great accuracy. When practising this you should make sure to “stick the landing” and stay in your proper kamae as you would during a fight just to ingraine it and make it a habit.

Great feedback. Thank you



Seriously bro my ushiro mawashi Geri doesn’t look any better. I guess I need to get back to work on that! 😜

Ha..better than mine for sure.



Ushiro mawashi geri for critique. shaped-by-karate, stepnsteph, kyokushinmarine

Aim is on point. The hit is solid & direct. Your balance seems fine, although there is understandably some forward movement. After the first kick your balance may be off a bit or maybe you’re just going after the thing. Either way I’m sure that you’re aware of which it is.

When I compare it to something like this:

…the similarities are obvious to me.

and this: …it looks quite similar, too.

Your kick looks great to me if your goal is to lay someone down for a bit of a dirt nap. I’m not a dogmatic person though (I’m not going to say that there is a particular method that is “correct”) and I’ve never been focused on scoring points in a tourny, so take my comment for what it is: It looks like a very effective kick and I do not want to be on the receiving end of that.

My suggestion is probably kind of boring, but flexibility, strength training (core strength to support the body and to put power into the spin), and balance training will probably improve the kick more than minor adjustments. Perhaps it will also be useful to practice landing the kick while moving forward and back. did you know Edson Barboza was one of my favourite fighters? :)

Ushiro mawashi geri for critique. shaped-by-karate, stepnsteph, kyokushinmarine


Every time I rewatch Renan Barao vs TJ Dillashaw I get amazed all over again. TJ is unreal man.

One of my all time favourites also. The rematch will be excellent.